Coral Gables - LTW Flythrough

Text, Life Time Work, Coral Gables, Florida. Opening Summer 2020

An animated view of the front desk with computers and a printer. Behind the desk is lettering that says Life Time Work

In front of the desk is a walkway and brown sectional couches. An electronic advertisement hangs on the wall near the walkway. Beyond the front area are rows of tables with six chairs each

A modern office space that includes green corner booths in the middle of the room and long wooden tables with chairs and lamps lining the walls. There are nooks that include full booths and a wall-mounted screen that says Life Time

A kitchen space is shown. It contains a long booth that lines one wall with tables and chairs. It also has a white island in the middle with bar stools and green cabinets and a white countertop lining the opposite wall

A conference room is shown. It has a long wooden table in the middle with wheeled, black chairs lining around. A white board is mounted to the side wall and a TV screen is mounted on the far wall

Walking down the hallway, there are floor-to-ceiling windows and doors into personal offices on both sides of the hall. The offices all have desks, chairs, and floating shelves

Modern one-person, glass-doored nooks with a small bench and table are lined up. Around the corner, a large, open, windowed room has long tables with computers and chairs. Small file cabinets are placed underneath the tables. A half-wall divider with greenery is located in the middle of the room

Text, Life Time