Life Time Work Video – Transcript for Captions

What I like most about Life Time Work is the vibe.

The fit and finish, the way it feels.

It's sort of a community. Although I have my company, I also have a lot of other people that are motivated and energized around me.

The space itself is beautiful, but it's also functional. The kitchen isn't just a kitchen. It's a place to gather with your teammates.

So there are so many different people here. And it's been great to get to know them. And then, of course, the free snacks and coffee as well. [LAUGHS]

I've become a full advocate for Life Time Work.

You're surrounded by many different professionals that work in different areas. There's a lot of people that you don't necessarily work with directly. But in a way, you all become colleagues through the connection here at Life Time.

It's also great here because the people are so friendly.

It's a real step up from the coworking that we came from. And we're proud to work here every day.

It just makes all the sense in the world, I think.


Life Time Work Video – Transcript for Audio Description


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