Guest and Club Policies

Effective May 24, 2024


At Life Time®— Healthy Way of Life ("Life Time," "our" or "we"), we have adopted policies, procedures, rules and regulations ("policies") designed to provide for the safe, enjoyable and healthy use of our premises and events by you-our members and guests.

These policies apply to your conduct on Life Time's premises, which include, but is not limited to, its centers, clubs, facilities, spaces, indoor areas, and all outdoor areas, including its parking lots, sidewalks, turf, outdoor pools, Beach Club, courts and child center play areas ("premises") or any use of Life Time's online, mobile or interactive offerings or websites. These policies also apply to your conduct during our programs, services, products, assessments, training, field trips, events, or other Life Time-sponsored activities on or off the premises ("events").

The health and safety of our members and guests is our highest priority. While our policies are designed to help protect you, Life Time cannot remove all risk or otherwise guarantee or promise that you will not sustain any injuries or damages from viruses, communicable, contagious, or other infectious diseases, or other health hazards associated with your use of Life Time’s premises, facilities, equipment, services, activities, events or products (“Use of Life Time Premises and Services”), including, without limitation, exposure, transmission, infection, illness, sickness, disease or death with respect COVID-19, its variants and subvariants, and the virus that causes it, SARS-CoV-2 or any other infectious disease. Because our clubs provide opportunities for vigorous higher-intensity exercise, you may experience or encounter more significant respiration than in other locations. To help protect our community, we encourage you to refrain from the Use of Life Time’s Premises and Services if you have symptoms of COVID-19, or any of its variants or subvariants and/or any infectious disease, maintain social/physical distance at all times from others with whom you do not share regular contact, and subject to individual health conditions use a barrier mask within our premises.

These policies supplement those posted or otherwise provided in our premises, on our web or mobile sites or at our events. We may adopt policies applicable to a single center or event. In some instances, the state law, order or guideline may establish different requirements applicable to certain centers or events that may otherwise not be described herein. To the extent of a conflict with other policies, the more restrictive policy applies.

If you violate any of these policies, your membership, premises access, or event participation may be suspended or terminated. Our decision on all questions regarding construction or interpretation of these policies is final.

We may change these policies at any time without notice, in our sole discretion. You may find the most recent version of these policies at and/or As a member or guest of Life Time, you are responsible and expected to review and comply with these policies at all times.

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